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Veterinary Service

GOROS 21 company is actively developing the veterinary direction, therefore, especially for our we have created a Veterinary Service for clients, in which only highly qualified specialists work in field of veterinary medicine and with extensive experience in production.

List of services provided by the veterinary service GOROS 21:
  • Audit of production sites, according to an agreed visit plan with details events and registration of a recommendation report for each section (site) of production in 3 (three) business days
  • Discussion of methods and possibilities of treatment and prophylactic measures at your production taking into account technical features of the water supply and feed production system
  • Recommendations on strategic production indicators, taking into account the impact of veterinary manipulations during treatment and prevention
  • Cost optimization for veterinary drugs within the veterinary budget using GOROS 21 medicines in view of its own production
  • Development and revision of treatment and prevention regimens taking into account the retrospective effect of therapeutic preparations GOROS 21.
  • Conducting and supporting (fixing an employee) the experience of veterinary drugs with further comparative analysis based on the results of experience
  • Interpretation of laboratory disease research protocols with further assignment effective treatment and prevention measures
  • Advice and assistance in the calculation of preventive measures as well as Biosafety measures
  • Systematic approach to the service - the frequency of visits is considered individually on period of cooperation
  • Organization of seminars on relevant topics and specific problems of your production For your confidence in our openness and readiness for partnerships, we invite Visit you our company, where we show how products are manufactured, tested and stored. produced by GOROS 21.
Regards, GOROS 21 Team

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