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Constantly buy from Goros Doxycycline hyclate. Excellent solubility, high substance content, very happy. Thank you!

Renat M.

We thank the company GOROS21.RU for the quality of substance Camphor!

Mariya Vyacheslavovna

Let there be more such reliable companies as Goros! Helped us to return and replace quickly the goods purchased by us from another company. Thank you!

Antonina L.

In early April, bought the company GOROS21.RU substance Tylosin tartrate (powder). Was pleased with both the service and quality of the product. The content of active substance in the substance high, and this is good, because before we had a chance to order this product from another vendor, where all was not well. Moreover, we later found out that he does not own registrations in the Russian Federation (Goros21.Ru there). I had to return the product.

Olga Pavlovna

Hello! I want to Express my gratitude to the employee of the company Goros – Denis. We went a couple of weeks ago, and we have worked with this Manager. Big thanks to him for taking responsibility for delivery. Thanks Denis, we avoided stopping production. And you know how important it is nowadays continuous production without interruption. All documents and materials were provided promptly. We will continue to cooperate with you!


I want to Express my gratitude to Goros21 for assistance in solving our problem. Our firm appealed to ГОРОС21 in the beginning of this year on establishing a dossier of the pharmaceutical substance. We not only refused, but also provided all possible assistance in the formation of a dossier and collect documents. We are pleased and can recommend this company as a reliable business partner.

Anatoly M.

Recently we conducted our audit of the enterprise "Goros21.Ru" as vendor. I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness in warehouse and industrial premises. Production lines equipped with modern equipment. Each employee is busy with his business. Everything works like clock. In my experience, that not many Russian companies can find a similar picture. It is not surprising that with such high quality production line and production "Goros21.RU" leaves of excellent quality.


More than three years we are regular customers GOROS21.RU During this time no complaints on quality of service. Ordered under the contract, all issues are quickly resolved over the phone. We buy large quantities of vitamins and medicines for poultry. Never was such that something not brought or expired. We will continue to cooperate.

Michael A.

Hello! I want to Express my gratitude to the staff GOROS21.RU . First time here I asked for veterinary drugs for cows and calves. Wanted to order the standard list, but helped me to correct him. Or rather, advised that it is better to use, and what is superfluous. Then another phoned several times for advice. I have never refused! Very satisfied.


Constantly take here drugs for livestock and poultry ("Doxygor" 10 %, "Enrogor" 10 %, "Florfenicol" 4% "Tilodox-200", etc.). Before buying elsewhere, but then came to a direct manufacturer. This is, firstly, cheaper and secondly, safer. You know exactly what you are buying is not counterfeit. And since we take large parties, we are confident that we pay money for good product. We will cooperate with GOROS21.RU and on.

Igor Tebelev

In March last year turned into GOROS21.RU for the purchase of feed additives. After competent advice much order vitamins and enzymes. In all that time decreased the incidence of cattle, increased rates of productivity. Then a few times bought drugs here and each time have been pleased with the service. Prices are normal, delivered quickly, always go forward.

Nabatnikov K. V.

Always order here for veterinary preparations. GOROS21.RU always in stock. You can immediately buy everything you need and save on shipping. Usually I take "Colingor", "Tilogor 50", vitamin complexes. Recently, we proposed a feed additive "NAT" and "Flavophospholipol" 8 %. Effect happy with the performance gain increasing.

Marina K.

Buy for more than a year GOROS21.RU "Diamant Plus" in the form of powder. When they took the first time, we explained in detail how to plant and how much to give. Then a couple of times called and specified by the drug, we always answered with no problems. The tool itself is good, no diarrhea, weight gain increase.


Our farm is a loyal customer GOROS21.RU for 5 years. In all that time the impression of the collaboration a good thing. Several times we used the consultation to find the best form — liquid or powder, and to choose between several types of vitamins. We also advised on the use and dosage. Company representatives often ask our opinion about the drug, asking how easy to use them, if they dissolve, etc. This approach to the buyer — the right one. Therefore, we will continue to order from here all you need.


Opening hours: 9-00 to 18-00,
dinner 13-00 to 14-00., Mon-Fri.
Address: Moscow region,
Dmitrov district,
pos. Nekrasov, School Street., 7
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